• Auto Engage — engages visitors automatically according to set of predefined rules.
  • Website Monitor — LiveChatNow! shows website visitors navigating your website in a real-time.
  • Live Engage — operator may manually send chat invitation popup to any visitor listed in Website Monitor.
  • ProtoChat is chat like popup that contains any text operator enters before sending it to visitor from Website Monitor.


  • You can force all chats to be conducted in secure environment.
  • LiveChatNow uses SSL encryption.


  • Live chat is as simple to use as email, but it has the advantage of instant communication.
  • Website visitor enters question and hits send button, agent's response appears in the same box.
  • It is easy to start. You can add Live Chat button and start accept chats calls in minutes.


  • Typical support issues are resolved faster via chat. LiveChatNow analyses visitor questions and suggests canned (preset) answers to agent.
  • Agent have to make one click to send suggested canned answer to visitor.


  • Operator can push pages (links) to direct visitor to a page.
  • Sending emails, links, phone numbers via live chat are more reliable and faster then via phone.
  • One agent is capable to handle severals chats with different visitors simultaneously.

Hassle free

  • Because chat is exchanged like instant messaging, there are no hassles with hold times, accents or copying down information.
  • LiveChatNow uses UNICODE and supports wide range of languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew and Arabic.
  • Live Spelling — Misspellings are underlined automatically as you type. Menu with corrections popups after right click on misspelling word.


  • Our uptime for the last 4 years is higher then 99.95%.
  • Actually we have servers that are up for more then year.
  • We have developed technology to transfer live accounts from one hardware server another in less then 1 minute. Such service transfer is not noticeable for our users.


  • Customize chat window with your own logo.
  • Apply premade or custom skin to your chat window.
  • Use premade or customize live chat buttons on your website.
  • Create custom pre and post chat surveys to poll your visitors.


  • LiveChatNow! designed to save agents time and automate common tasks.
  • Preset Library is collection of preset (canned) answers.
  • You can assign keywords to your presests and LiveChatNow! would list presets that best fit visitors question in popup window. Support agent would have to make one click to send preset answer and no clicks are required to ignore Auto Answer suggestion.
  • Auto Engage monitors your website 24/7 and engages visitors to chat according to set of predefined rules.