One on One Live Chat

Here is how Live Chat works for website operators

After operators have launched LiveChatNow! software they see website visitors, their status and other information.

Live Chat Software - Site Monitor

LiveChatNow! notifies about various events like new visitor, new chat session, call distribution system request, incoming or outgoing message, not answered chats, etc

Live Chat Request (Call Distribution System)

Each operator may chat with unlimited number of website visitors simultaneously, we recommend to keep 3-4 chat sessions per operator. Several operators many join 1 chat session with one visitor.

Live Chat with visitors on the site

Here is how Live Chat works for website visitors

Website visitor may initiate Live Chat Session by clicking a live chat button on a web site (live help button or live support button). Website operator may open live chat window from LiveChatNow! software directly in visitor's browser and offer live help to visitor.